Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 1 at the CSA Show

I made it to Day 1 of the CSA Show in Chantilly, VA. The drive started a little rough with winter's last few inches of snow the night before, but the highways were clear.

My Journalism Board meeting at BGSU was moved to next week, so I was able to hit the road early and catch most of the show today.

The best part of the show today - FREE! Yes, the first day of the CSA Show is free. What a great way to promote the product and get people to keep coming back. I noticed a lot of people walking around today and most of the booths were set up. Psstt - The National . . . are you listening?

Some quick updates:

  • No autographs were today.
  • I saw a lot of the same vendors/dealers.
  • The show seems a lot smaller to me this time - sign of the times I guess.
  • It seemed there were more dealers advertising they were buying?!
Tomorrow's agenda:
  • Mike Ditka autographs
  • Lee Roy Jordan autograph
  • Herschel Walker autograph
  • Look for some missing 1962 Topps
I'll give a show report this weekend.

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