Thursday, March 4, 2010

Jim Lansford - You Complete My Team Set

The satisfaction of a completed team set. It's hard to describe to non-collectors.

Thanks to an eBay purchase of Jim Lansford's 1952 Bowman Small, I'm sitting in the after-glow of a completed 1952 Dallas Texans team set.

This history of the 1952 Dallas Texans is pretty interesting. They only played one year in Texans before the remains of the team were sold to a Baltimore group who turned them into the Colts.

I met Art Donovan at a autograph show a few years ago - he gave some great tales about the Texans only win that season. It was a game against the George Halas Chicago Bears. It was a "home game" for the Texans in Akron, OH.

My completed 1952 Bowman Small Dallas Texans team set includes:
- Jim Lansford, 144
- Gino Marchetti, 23
- George Taliaferro, 89
- John Wozniak, 97
- Zollie Toth, 58
- Dan Edwards, 77
- Brad "Whitie" Ecklund, 35
- Art Donovan, 46
- Barney Poole, 11
- Art Weiner, 114
- James Hammond, 69
- James Phelan, 122


deal said...

I met Donovan at a wedding once. great story teller.

I am curious, do you know how many of the Dallas Texans are still alive??

David said...

Was that game played at the Rubber Bowl?

James said...

@David - Yes. That game was at the Rubber Bowl. Art Donovan said before the game, the coach made them go up in the stands and shake everyone's hand because there were only 400 or so people there.

@Deal - I need to find out too. I want to work on my autograph helmet. Obviously Donovan and Marchetti are still here, but I think Eckland passed this year.

Steve E. said...

It's interesting the logo on that card. I feel like the University of Texas used that same one for awhile, maybe from the 50s to 70s?

James said...

@Steve - I really like the little pennants, they really add to the cards.