Monday, March 29, 2010

Why Advertise You Sell By the Book?

I understand some people love book value and some people hate it. Some say you should go by eBay sale numbers and some say the book value is where price negotiations should be begin.

Regardless of your position, I can't understand why a dealer would put this label on his cards for sale. This photo was taken from a table at the CSA Show on Friday.

Have you ever gone to Target or Best Buy and bought an item that said, "Items are priced by MSRP." You'd look at the item and then move on. You probably wouldn't even pick it up.

Whether you're at a show or a Walmart, you want a good deal - or at least think you're getting a good deal.

I walked right by this table. I didn't even think about opening the binder. He may have had some great cards, but I bought from tables that wanted to work with you, move a product and create a good experience.


paulsrandomstuff said...

It's a useful warning. If you don't want to pay book, you keep walking and you don't bother the guy. If money is no object, he should have a nice selection of cards to choose from. :)

David said...

Why not just put a sign up stating, "Hey I'm only in this for the money." I saw that as well and just figured it wasn't someone who deserved my money. There is probably no discussion on card condition either.

I purchased a high value card (Hank Aaron) from one vendor and he gave me the other two common cards I had chosen as freebies. I did not expect freebies but it was a nice gesture on his part. I will purchase from him again. If I had his name, I'd post it here (I have his business card but not with me at the moment).

LaLoosh said...

I can see why this would save him time from always changing prices, even though most that old hardly ever change. If I had that sign I would have added that the pice starts w/ Beckett BUT all prices are negoitable. The best day I ever had at selling at a show I had a sign that stated "Make offer! No reasonable offer refused." We did so well neighboring dealers got pissed at us because we "took" their business.

James said...

I just can't understand why you'd advertise that your cards cost more than anyone else.

Like book values or not, chance are that dealers at show are selling for lower than book. He priced himself out of the show before having someone stop and look.