Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cursed Red Sox Jersey up for Auction

It's not exactly game used... but still a cool memorabilia item!

The unearthed Red Sox jersey that was buried in the New Yankee Stadium visitor's locker room is up for auction! The auction will be on eBay and proceeds will benefit the children's cancer charity via the Jimmy Fund.

The Yankees donated it to the Jimmy Fund after a tip lead them to the discovery.

What will the Yankees do if they find Jimmy Hoffa in the old Yankee Stadium rubble?


Troy said...

I would have to guess they would put him on on eBay as well. Then I remembered that eBay does not allow medical waste to be auctioned off. Don't ask me how I know that, I just do!

JRJ said...

I'll get update when the auction ends tomorrow. As of this morning, the bid was around $80K!