Monday, April 14, 2008

Show us Your Web Site?

Beckett's blog Monday morning has a great entry re: the Hawaii Trade Conference. The great thing about the blog entry is Beckett's willingness and offer to take questions from their readers and present them to conference attendees.

Hopefully Beckett will get some answers to some really good questions that have already been posted on their blog. Check it out if you haven't yet.

My 2 cents
Beckett's got it right with their increasing their emphasis on the web and trying to get closer to their customers. But what about the other companies?

I looked at the conferences' agenda and to be honest, I'm less than impressed. It doesn't look like much more than golf outings, dinners, and a chance to get on the Diamondbacks baseball field. I did find on the last day of the conference a meeting titled "Show us Your Web Site." Great... a topic they should have discussed 15 years ago!

Instead of having a meeting about web site front-ends and 'state of hobby shops,' perhaps the card and media companies would be better served by having topics such as "Getting Closer to Your Audience" and "Position Your Company to Take Advantage of Social Marketing."

Maybe next year's conference will address that subject - or maybe they'll discuss how card companies can be Y2K compliant.

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