Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Shea Stadium Home Opener Experience

Today is Shea's last home opener. I'll miss "beautiful Shea Stadium" (as Steve Zabriskie used to say on WWOR).

My most memorable home opener experience came about 5 years ago. I took an early train to Shea so I could arrive at the park with plenty of time to experience everything that is opening day in New York. I walked around the stadium, took several pictures, and stopped at the souvenir store.

My last stop before heading to my seat was the Shea Stadium Snack Stand - one souvenir cup of cola and Shea Dog. I would soon be ready for the line-ups after a quick stop at the Shea condiment stand. I loaded my Shea Dog with mayo and mustard - and then noticed something odd with the Shea Sam's Club size condiment containers. They were only half-full. Not necessarily a big deal if this was the end of a long homestand... but this was the home opener?! Ugh, they were serving last season's mustard and mayonnaise!

I'll miss Shea and some of the great memories I have of it, but I'm also looking forward to the new Ebbets, err, Citi Field, and new packets of mayo and mustard!

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