Thursday, April 3, 2008

What is Beckett's Blog Doing?

I know blogging is new to Beckett, but I don't understand their recent attack on the readers of their blog who didn't like their new magazine?

Beckett's the leader in the industry and they're getting on board with the web 2.0 market place. Their blog connects them to their readers and buyers. So why attack them by inferring they aren't in the real world and only blog to snipe? I don't get it.

I like the hobby and always read their blog, so I look forward to seeing it improve and grow. It'll be interesting to see the other comments made about their recent entry. Maybe I'm the only one who thought it was offensive - I'll check tomorrow.

Here's my comment entry to Beckett:
PH - That was a pretty harsh and negative blog entry (use of caps, strikethroughs, etc.)

My advice to Beckett: if you don’t want constructive criticism and potentially negative product feedback, then go back to web 1.0.
Every corporate blog has it’s share of positive and negative feedback when soliciting customer opinions - especially about new products.

That’s the greatest thing about the web 2.0. You are closer to your customer than ever before. Sometimes you get a pat on the back… and sometimes you get a kick in the tail. But if you’re afraid to get negative information, then stop blogging and go back to press releases.

I’d recommend reading Seth Godin’s books and blogs and check out Steve Johnson’s pragmatic product marketing blog. I think you’ll find them informative and entertaining.
Good luck.


Mr. Peabody said...

JRJ — we do want and encourage reasoned constructive criticism and negative feedback from customers. The entry was not an "attack" on our blog readers, but more of a poke at the ones who continually comment that "Beckett sucks" with no other explanation or reasoning.

We approve comments daily that slam us and our products, so censorship is not an issue at all. Swearing, however, is edited out, and that can keep a guy busy if you know what I mwan.

As for Beckett taking a kick in the tail, we bend over most every day. “Thank you sir, may I have another . . .!”

Caps were for emphasis. Strikethroughs . . . just poking the bear.

thanks for your comments. we like reading your blog.
-- Pepper Hastings, Beckett Media

JRJ said...

Thanks for the post, comments, and reading the blog. I appreciate it.

To your credit, I have seen negative comments posted on your blog - there doesn't seem to be any censorship on your part at all. I hope my entry didn't imply you guys did that. If so, I apologize.

Wax Heaven said...

Not to mention they were kinda late on this....

Wax Heaven said...

Well, the link doesn't show but I meant late on the Rip Girls Autos in Finest post they did.

JRJ said...

Mario - Your "Wax Heaven" has beat them on a few things lately. I'd like to see them partner with your blog and others that do card reviews. They should reference Wax Heaven articles on their blog when you are ahead of them on things.

Pepper - What do you think about posting a message on the Beckett blog when Wax Heaven or others has an interesting card review instead of posting the same thing days later? It doesn't have to be a "first to news" race, but more of a partnership to benefit the community.

I have been impressed with their ability to post to other blogs like this one (espeically the box breaks issue) and your blog.