Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Pro Football HOF is Missing an Opportunity

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is on the edge of having a really cool draft event.

Art Rooney Jr. is the headline attendee at an NFL Tailgaiting Party in Canton, OH on April 26, 2008. The event (for a $40 presale ticket) offers fans an “insider’s” look at the workings of an NFL war room with Art Rooney Jr. and former player/scout George Saimes.

This is a great start, but lets add some players and autographs. $40 is pretty high for two drink tickets, a chair to watch the draft and listen to Art Rooney Jr. I'd like to see some NFL Greats talk about their experience when they got the call from their new head coach. I'd even like to hear the thoughts from players who dropped further than expected in the draft like Brady Quinn or Aaron Rodgers. Brady's from Columbus and plays in Cleveland - couldn't he spend an hour at the HOF?

The HOF could end the day with a cool autograph session with the players who attended. I think it would be even be cool to have a "Mr. Irrelevant" reunion of sorts. How many people have a "Mr. Irrelevant" collection?

The Hall of Fame is so close to making this really cool and getting a larger turnout! Here's a link to the HOF flyer.


LaLoosh said...

Brady Who? Is he the guy on supplemantal crap commercials that has yet to play? What a great spokesman.

JRJ said...

But whoever his agent is should get a raise! How many other back-up quarterbacks have a national product endorsement?