Friday, April 4, 2008

Beckett Graded Cards Received

I received my graded cards from Beckett this week. Getting them involved a Benny Hill-esque chase that involved the FedEx delivery truck, baseballs, and a tub of salsa (but lets not get into that).

My '76 card came back as an '8.' I was pretty happy about that. It's a duplicate one that I have graded a '7.' The '55 Bowman came back as a '5.' I was a little disappointed, but it's actually pretty high on the Beckett population report, so it's better than I thought.

I wish Beckett would tell us what the actual surface, corner, edges, and centering grades were that comprised the final grade. I think they used to do this, but discontinued this level of service for the vintage cards.

I'd like to see how they came up with the final grade. It doesn't have to be part of the label like they do for modern cards. Maybe there could be a final grade report that I could download from their site?

I love the cases and getting cards graded. Now I can actually share my collection with people without worrying about my friends dorito-stained fingers!

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Troy said...

I have these magnetic cases I use for all more higher profile cards so I can show them off. I like them a lot! It gives the cards a graded look, being in a pastic case.