Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trevor Hoffman to the NY Mets?

Could Trevor Hoffman be the closer the Mets are looking for?

New York, in desperate need for a closer with Billy Wagner injured, may find the all-time saves leader waiting for Omar to throw him a towel in this year's free agent pool.

It appears the Padres have pulled their $4 million dollar offer from the table before Hoffman could get the cellophane wrapper off the autograph pen.

Wagner's contract is not insured, so the Mets are probably not going to pay all of Wagner's contract and another top free agent closer contract in the same season. (K-Rod are you listening?) Hoffman gives the Mets some stability in the 9th and some time to develop closer from the farm system (Eddie Kunz).


Anonymous said...

I think I like Trevor Hoffman best out of all the free agent closer options. He is 41, but he's the only guy who will probably take a one-year deal.

I'm really not sold on Brian Fuentes' ability to perform under New York pressure, and there's no way K-Rod is worth a $75 million contract.

I'd rather try to pick up Huston Street, Bobby Jenks or J.J. Putz on the trade market, but Hoffman is an intriguing option.

JRJ said...

I like that Hoffman's WHIP was just over 1.0 last year. And he's going to be a lot cheaper than other guys on the market because he's only going to get 1 or 2 year offers.

Honestly, I just want to see them bring in someone to save games so we don't blow another division and a Cy Young Award for Santana.