Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thankful for Sports Blogs and Blog Readers

Remember sitting around the school cafeteria Thanksgiving table or family Thanksgiving table and saying what you are "thankful" for?

Thank you to everyone who reads and/or responds to the SportsLocker Blog. I think of this blog as my therapy to escape the turbulent environment where we work, live, and try to play. If reading it, responding to it, or throwing your laptop because of my grammatical errors also helps you escape life for a moment, then I am very Thankful.

I don't have a hidden agenda of trying to get hired by "The Hardball Times." You won't see me counting hits, number of posts in a year, links, RSS subscriptions, or any of that on the blog. Sure, I check all of that, but I really don't think anyone reading a blog cares if it has 15 or 1,500 hits in a week. I also don't think anyone cares if I made the 10th or 100th blog entry. I'm just thankful that you stop by and read it once in a while or RSS the blog.

I write this and read other blogs because I enjoy the sports cards and memorabilia hobby. The social media allows us to grow with our passion. We don't need a once a year "National" to get our fix - we have it every day on the Internet. This is the case for any hobby or fan interest whether it's following Ann Coulter, Anne Taylor, or Taylor Dayne. Whoa - Did I just throw out an '80s Taylor Dayne reference?

I'm also thankful for some of the great blogs out there that follow, report, and give opinions on the sports card and memorabilia hobby. I may not agree with everything they write, but they are part of a healthy dialog that builds our community and improves our hobby. I don't have a SportsLocker Six (yes, I'm still bitter about not being in the Wax Heavenly Seven - j/k), but here are some I'm thankful for:

I'm not perfect - I know I may have missed some blogs. If you have one or read one and think I should include it, then post a comment. I'll add it to the blog roll as long as it isn't Taylor Dayne.

Again, thank you for your readership and comments - I really appreciate it.


deal said...

Yep how bout that - I am a Phils fan and I enjoy checkin in on this blog. and it's for more than the pictures of Jennie Finch.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I think we share the same outlook for our blogs. I don't know if anyone reads mine either since I don't ever check that but I have fun doing it and it keeps me in the hobby even though I'm not out there blowing as much money as I used to.

Anonymous said...

An eloquent post and a Taylor Dayne reference! ;)

Happy Thanksgiving.

zman40 said...

Thanks for letting me sit at your Thanksgoving table. That was a great post. Blogs have really helped me to get back into cards and autograph collecting. If it weren't for them, I'd still be buying about ten packs a year. And, this is one that I'm glad I finally found.

Wax Heaven said...

Thanks for the shutout. I think you know I read your blog every time you update.

The only reason you haven't made the Top 7 yet is because your site is more sports in general and I keep the top 7 strictly about cards.

It's nothing personal!

JRJ said...

Hey guys - thanks for stopping by and commenting. I hope your Thanksgiving was good.