Thursday, November 6, 2008

Billy Mays Pitchmen Reality TV Series

There's another chapter to the Billy Mays story.

Last month I wrote about Billy Mays autographs through-the-mail success and had quite a few comments and emails... so I know I'm not the only Billy Mays fan out there!

Next year, Billy Mays is going to star in a Discovery Channel reality television series: Pitchmen from Gadgets to Glory.


zman40 said...

To me, those autographs look completely different. The picture's sig slants to the right and the ball's is straight up and down. Plus, the bottom of the y's look different. But, there could be a couple of explanations for this.
1. The flat photo of the round ball distorted the sig. 2. Billy is not used to signing baseballs.

JRJ said...

zman40 - You're right. They do look different... the photo sig. is pretty slanted. I'm guessing he's just not used to the baseball autograph - which is probably why he used a sharpie instead of the pen I included in the shipping box.

Thanks for stopping by.

CHRISSIE said...

I met Billy Mayes last year at a trade show. He gave me the words that kept me motivated. If anyone knows how to reach give Billy Mayes please tell him I said thank you.


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