Saturday, November 29, 2008

Texas Stadium Memorabilia Auction

You have until Dec. 6 to bid on items from Texas Stadium. Doesn't a bathroom sign from from Texas Stadium make the perfect stocking stuffer?!

Here's the link. Check it out, if you're in to collecting stadium memorabilia, there are some cool things here on the list. I've always thought ticket turnstiles would be awesome, but I need to place to put them first.

You can also bid on the "throne of champions." Guess what that is!


zman40 said...

It's amazing how much seats are going for lately. $650 for those. The Royals are trying to get $500 for some extra ones they have. The Mets are charging a buttload for theirs. I bought Tiger Stadium seats for $300. Sure, they were only 30 years-old or so, but it's Tiger Stadium!

JRJ said...

The prices are amazing. I'm so jealous you have Tiger Stadium seats. That's awesome! How did you get them and from where?

zman40 said...

I got them from last summer when they dismantled all of the "valuable" stuff from the ballpark. The seats were sold while everything else was auctioned.