Tuesday, April 28, 2009

2009 Upper Deck Generations - Dumb Auto Card

Beckett blog recently announced the images of the 2009 Upper Deck Legendary Cuts Generations - Dual Autographs (last week, but who's counting).

One of the cards they highlighted is this dual autograph card of Derrek Lee and Lou Brock. Why is this card made? I commented on their blog at the time and still think this is stupid.

Why should Lou Brock and Derrek Lee have their signatures on the same card? Other than both playing for the Cubs (briefly for Brock), what reason is there for these guys to be on the card? Does Upper Deck believe Brock's brief tenure on the Cubs captures Chicago fans?

Lou Brock played in Chicago for 3 1/2 seasons didn't hit above .263. He excelled in St. Louis, went on to be a Cardinal HOFer and should be on cards with great Cardinal players. How about a Brock and Pujols autograph card?

Derrek Lee should be on a card with Leon Durham or Mark Grace (as suggested by one of the comments on the Beckett blog). . . not Lou Brock.

I'd like to see this set make a little more sense before asking customers to spend big bucks on this product.

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