Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Billy Mays Pitchmen Season 1, Episode 1 Review

Update: RIP Billy Mays. Sad to see you go.

My first observation from the intro - Billy has something other than a blue button down shirt! This was the first show of the first season for "Pitchmen" starring Billy Mays and Anthony Sullivan.

The 20 minutes of "Pitchmen" focused on choosing which two products would be featured in the show. Billy and Sully went to TeleBrands in N.J. to hear 2 minute demonstrations from:
- A Bottle holder for 5-8 month olds
- Wake-up from sleeping while driving glasses
- GPS Pal

Earlier, Billy and Sully reviewed and began negotiating with ImpactGel. Jim, from GPS Pal, is a cancer survivor with Forrest Gumpisms like "Life is like a flower." You can't help but cheer for the guy, but Billy was skeptical right away with the "wow" factor of GPS Pal which looked like a thermal coffe mug with a top.

The idea is your GPS unit rests on it while sitting in your cup holder. To test the GPS unit, Sully took the product to the streets. He sat with people in their car to test the unit. But no one took their car out of park! How the heck can you test the effectiveness of a car device without putting the car in drive?!

Twenty minutes later after shooting the video and testing price points, Sully concedes - this doesn't have a "wow" factor." Hey Sully - listen to BMays... he could have saved you a lot of time. But I was hoping it would work for Jim, the GPS Pal inventor.

Matt's ImpactGel had it's share of drama. Originally Matt thought the Miami Heat and a 5 or 30 minute infomercial would sell more products. This time Sully to the ImpactGel to a local Lube Center where mechanics jumped around oil changes.

Finally, after Billy referred to Matt and his manager as "yahoos," they agreed to allow them to shoot the infomercial Billy and Sully's way and we had our first Wow Factor on the show!

A key moment of the ImpactGel is the product protecting a hand as a car drives on top of it. This could have a classic Billy Mays moment, but BMays disappointed us. At the last second, Billy backed out and Sully jumped in to serve as a hand model.

Grabbing a blue shirt, Sully added a punch to his man-card and BMays unfortunately wussed out.

The Results of each product's pilot:

  • GPS Pal: No longer being offered t looking good. potential w/different price point
  • ImpactGel: "Got a winner." It is expected to soon gross $3MM.
I think it's a fun show and I'm looking forward to the next episode.

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