Friday, April 3, 2009

Beckett's Hobby Hook Up?! What is Beckett Media Doing?

Need relationship advice - see Beckett Media!

What? Yes, Beckett Media is bringing Leah Shafer on board to offer relationship advice for the card collector. In Beckett's best effort validate a stereotype of card collectors living in their mother's basement, they are hiring a local columnist to bring love life lines to collectors.

I'm not disputing Leah Shafer's professional resume - a quick google search will find her on Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and her Girl Talk and TrixieSkips. I'm sure she's a very nice person and is obviously a very talented writer. But I feel pretty certain collectors don't want to read her Girl Talk column in Beckett Magazine!

Here is my first letter to Beckett's Leah:
Dear Leah,

I paid $24.99 for a magazine that I thought would discuss cards and memorabilia. Now they are writing columns about relationship advice. Help me Leah!

Stuck reading a magazine that jumped the shark


night owl said...

Dear Leah,

I'm married with children. Why are you in my magazine?


Not a loser

Leah Shafer said...

Dear Stuck,

The idea behind the new content is to offer a relationship column for married and single people. It's not Girl Talk--that went the way of the Dodo bird with recent budget cuts at Quick.

It's a whole new concept tailor made for the collector. I hope you'll give it a shot and send me another question. I promise, it will be fun and informative. And not Cosmo.


Gellman said...

Dear Leah,

Even if it was the most informative card collecting post ever, it still makes me laugh hysterically to think that Beckett is including this in a magazine/blog about card collecting. I mean, you dont see gamepro writing about Louis Vuitton purses. Its called target audience, and Beckett is as clueless as ever.

Laughing my ass off in CA

JRJ said...

Leah - Thank you for stopping by the blog and commenting. You didn't have the do that and I appreciate it.

In my opinion: Subscribers read Beckett mags and blogs for card/memorabilia info. We don't want a "Dear Leah" relationship section. We would like something new like but more like reporting into areas such as: Razor's cut signatures and Mastro Auctions/Legends issues.

Thanks again for stopping by and commenting.

Wax Heaven said...

Prepare to have your link removed from their blog for speaking out against Beckett.

dayf said...

I liken this to ECW Wrestling on the SciFi Channel. It's not Leah's fault that the people who hired her are completely clueless as to what their target audience actually wants.

Anonymous said...

Dear Leah,

Thank God Beckett fired me, because I would have quit when this idea got approved.


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