Monday, April 20, 2009

Doc Gooden Autographs Citi Field

Mets fans have been unhappy with the lack of team history in their new ball park, but getting Doc Gooden's graffiti on random walls doesn't exactly solve the problem.

Gooden attended one of the first games at the new stadium and took the time to sign autographs, get his picture taken with fans, and sign his name on a blank wall inside the stadium like it was the inside of a high school bathroom stall. Seriously, who says "hmm, there isn't anything written on this wall, I think I'll sign my name here." Now some Mets fans are unhappy that team officials plan to clean and erase the wall when the Mets leave for their next road trip.

Seriously Mets fans (and I'm one too), after living through Shea, we should just be happy that the team actually wants to keep this stadium clean.

I agree that the Mets need to do more to acknowledge their history inside the park. Perhaps one of the 1,000s of LCDs in the stadium could run a loop of Mets highlights, add some wall murals, etc. However, the way to add team history to the park isn't to give Doc Gooden a sharpie marker and ask him to run wild in the halls.

Doc has been on the autograph circuit quite a bit lately. I saw him at MAB and Chicago Sun Times shows last year and he's already scheduled for other MAB shows this year. Get him to sign a baseball there instead of a wall in $iti field. Gooden is great person to meet at a show. Every time I've seen him he's been great with the fans.

UPDATE: The Wilpons have agreed to preserve Doc's sharpie skills by moving the signature to a new location. The Mets of the past deserve better than an autograph brick.... come skill sets, do something to acknowledge Mets greats instead of letting them run wild with a fresh sharpie!

Source: NY Post

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