Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Billy Mays Discovery Channel "Pitchmen" Starts April 15

Discovery Channel Announced Wednesday, April 1, their new reality TV Show featuring Billy Mays begins April 15.

"Pitchmen" will "go behind the curtain and peek into the world of the clever inventors and the equally clever men who sell their products.." (source)

As you read from my TTM autograph success story, I'm a huge Billy Mays fan! I received the picture here for a co-worker and an autograph baseball for myself. I will blog recaps of every show right here! I know, not sports cards and memorabilia, but it's Billy Mays! Exceptions can be made for BMays!

Great timing on the part of Discovery Channel with the timing of Vince's ShamWow SlapShot with a hooker in south Florida! Pow!

Billy and Sully were on Neil Cavuto's show today. Here's a link:


Anonymous said...

Any idea how to submit an idea to "Pitchmen?"

JRJ said...

The best way to send an idea for Pitchmen is to use the Viewer Relations forum on the Discovery Site. Here's the URL and good luck!