Thursday, April 30, 2009

Billy Mays Pitchmen Season 1: Episode 2

UPDATE: RIP Billy Mays. Sad to see you go.

After watching the second episode of "Pitchmen," I'm noticing a theme with the series: The chase for the American Dream,!

Two products were highlighted in episode 2:

  • Dual Saw by Frederick from France
  • Shuffles by Kristen of Tyler, TX
While watching the show I also started a Pitchmen Drinking Game!
  • 1 drink every time Billy Mays says his name.
  • 5 drinks every time Billy Mays wusses on an Anthony Sullivan idea.
Dual Saw Product Infomercial
The Dual Saw had (by far) the most drama. During Frederick's initial presentation to Billy and Sully, Billy described the product as "demonstrable." Both of the pitchmen liked the can and eggs demo from the French fire fighter so took the product to get tested by some American fire fighters.

While at the fire house, Billy and Sully dressed in fire fighter gear? Why? I have no idea. It didn't seem like they did anything in the outfits. It made no sense to me unless their next product is an Anthony Sullivan Barbie doll with different outfits to mix and match. Here is where Billy Mays proposed the idea of he and Sully doing the infomercial together. The show tried to bill it as a big deal, like Rachel Ray and Martha Stewart combining forces, but this was more like Dan Rather and Connie Chung joining the same desk.

At the producer meeting, Anthony Sullivan had the idea of Billy Mays cutting himself out of a diamond plate box. Great idea! Except, after stepping into the box and Sully warning, "this ain't no box of oxy-clean," Billy wanted no part of it. So our Frenchy Firefighter jumped in.

The crew then picked out a junk yard car to saw in half, but realized halfway through the production that no one drained the old car of fluids. Brilliant move guys. And why not wash and wax it before filming. Come on guys, this isn't amateur hour! In a great twist of irony, Jim, one of the producers had his foot run over by the car. Maybe he should have used the ImpactGel from last week's show!

Shuffles Product Infomercial
Kristen's product wasn't as great a TV hit. It was tested by the Sullivan Castle cleaning crew and received positive results. Dealing with Kristen seemed to have it's own share of stress, but I would act that way too if my life savings was dumped into a product.

I'm finding out that if Billy and Sully call you with results, it isn't good news. But, if Billy and Sully fly you across the Atlantic Ocean, that's probably a good sign. Kristen's Shuffles product wasn't a hit and they called to inform her she'd have to come up with funds if she wanted to continue. Fred the French Fireman flew across the ocean and was greeted with campaign.

I still like the show and I'll keep watching. It airs at 9:00, Wednesdays, on Discovery Channel.


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