Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dallas Cowboys Memorabilia Taken from Handicapped

Hopefully Jerry Jones can find some room in the budget to help out one of their biggest fans.

Butch Franklin's apartment was robbed two weeks ago and among the items stolen were pieces of his Cowboys autograph collection. As collector's, we hate to see this happen to anyone and it's more troubling when this happens to a mentally handicapped person.

When notified of the burglary Monday, a representative of the Dallas Cowboys said Butch's story would have a happy ending. "We're certainly disappointed to hear this happened," said Brett Daniels, a spokesman for the team. "And we'd love to work with him to see what we can do to replace the items that were stolen."
Here's the rest of the article from the Dallas Morning News.


zman40 said...

Kudos to the Cowboys for stepping up like that. That's classy.

JRJ said...

zman40 - No doubt. I'd like to see them do more than just give some gear. Invite him for a game or practice, meet players, and get some photos of him with players.