Friday, June 12, 2009

Michael Jordan Autograph Jersey Taken from Tony Parker

Great idea... steal a the memorabilia and then try to sell it on Craigslist. Brilliant! Ah, the simple mind of a petty criminal.

A thief broke into Tony Parker's house and swiped a Michael Jordan autograph jersey (it wasn't even a Wizards jersey)! After filing a police report, investigators found someone trying to sell the stolen property on Craigslist. More info here.
However, all of Tony Parker's jerseys, shoes, basketballs, and NBA Championship Trophies were left untouched. How does a player feel when someone breaks into their house, but leaves all of your stuff and walks away with memorabilia from another player?


Anonymous said...

I'm a security officer my name is Monique I worked with Tony for five years.I've never heard of these security companies this young man was employed with. This is very sad to hear, Tony is such a good person.

JRJ said...

Anon - I just hope they catch the guy and TP can get this things back.