Sunday, June 7, 2009

Baseball Batting Practice Autographs

I remember my first autograph attempt and my first success. I still don't like Moses Malone and I think Leon Wood was an underrated player in the NBA because of it! Bo Diaz was my first baseball player autograph and I still have some of his cards.

Paul, from Paul's Random Stuff and I recently discussed getting player autographs in the Gary Carter Autograph post. (BTW - you should follow Paul on Twitter - great stuff.)

We forget about the money players make when they sign a few autographs before a game. They become human again. Their super hero capes hang in lockers and they connect with the fans - the kids buying their t-shirts and baseball cards.

When you go to a game, the high pitched calls for "Mr. Rodriguez can you come here" echo in cadence with the crack of batting practice lumber. That's if they have batting practice anymore.

"Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon is quick to cancel batting practice if it means more rest for the Rays. I’m not saying Maddon will be a trend-setter here, but teams stopped taking infield and outfield practice a while ago because they realized it wasn’t necessary. Remember the ancient art of pepper? Banned at most ballparks. Will batting practice meet the same end as the bullpen cart? Say it ain’t so, Joe. The stadium is alive during batting practice."

Here's a great article about Fans missing out when teams' cancel BP.

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