Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Darryl Strawberry #1 Draft Pick - 29 Years Ago

On June 3, 1980 the New York Mets drafted Darryl Strawberry with the #1 overall pick in the June amateur draft. Strawberry was drafted out of Crenshaw High School in the Los Angeles, CA area.

The #2 pick of the draft was Garry Harris by the Toronto Blue Jays. Harris' highest level was AA. Darryl's highest level . . . (insert your own hippie lettuce joke).

Since being selected #1 Darryl has won World Series rings, played for both New York teams, won the key of New York, had to give the key back, won a battle against cancer, spent time in jail, and is an author and spring training instructor for the NY Mets. Whew.

His 1983 Topps Traded Card has eluded me. I found this image on line.

Happy Anniversary Darryl.


packaddict said...

He also has an autism charity that he runs with his wife.

JRJ said...

Packaddict - He seems to have turned his life around which is great. I was a huge Strawberry fan growing up... I still rememember the HR he hit in Montreal that would have traveled out of the stadium if they didn't add that orange roof piece!