Monday, September 28, 2009

Card Store Closed on Sundays

I'm trying to understand this. My local card store is open from 12pm - 6pm Mondays through Fridays. On Saturday, it's open from 1pm - 6pm and on Sunday's it's closed. Who are they open for?

Who are these hours for?
Most of us work Monday through Friday and struggle to get home before 6:00pm each night. Collectors in school often times have work or athletics after class. Unless you are a stay-at-home parent or are home-schooled, you really don't have a time to reach the card store during the week which leaves you with a five-hour window on Saturday.

Why not have Sunday football events?
Bring in some pizza, chips, and beverages. If you're watching the local team on TV (Browns for example), run a contest where whomever gets the most Browns players gets 25% off the next box or a free pack or something. If you're worried about the cost, off-set it by taking a $2 entry fee. The idea is to bring traffic into the store and have a good time.

I like card stores and I'd like them to be a gathering place to talk about the hobby, sports and have fun. Seeing my local store open for 5 hours on the weekend is a bummer.


Tony said...

So when is the owner supposed to have a day off?

James said...

Tony - Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

1 - I'd prefer if the owner's day off isn't on a day that affects his primary buying audience. Why not take Mondays and Tuesdays off and have hours 2-8 during the week and open on Sundays.

2 - Hire some help during the week. The card shop I go to (when they are open) has like 3-4 different people working there.

Personally, I don't understand why you'd only give your primary audiece 5 hours on the weekend to be your customer.

I don't think it's for religous purposes since the store was previously open on Sundays.

Thanks again.

Tony said...

Yeah, that could be possible. Maybe close on Mondays. Open later on Thursdays and Fridays. I understand your point of view. It's hard when you got a full lifestyle, with work and kids, and try to fit your hobby in. My wife supports my hobby, but if something with the kids comes up, then that comes first. It would be nice if the shop owner's would keep that in mind, that the majority of the business would probably be on the weekend. Make the thing a family event. I totally agree with you, I was just looking at it from all angles.

Anonymous said...

I would bet the guy would do more business if he was open Wednesday through Friday from 2-8 and reasonable hours Saturday & Sunday.

But maybe the shop is just a hobby/tax writeoff for him...

James said...

I understand it's a tough economy and you need to cut costs, but limiting hours isn't a way to generate revenue.

Paul and Tony - I agree, different hours would probably be better than cutting hours.

babootsna said...

Mondays and Tuesdays are usually the slowest retail days, so it makes sense.

Also, the owner should use blogs, Youtube and live video feeds with box and group breaks.

I also always wondered why car dealerships are closed on Sundays.