Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CardInformant Adds 20+ Years of Experience with Rich Klein

CardInformant announced over the weekend that Rich Klein will be a regular contributor to their site and to the message boards. I read Jeff's (CardInformant) announcement on Twitter Saturday night.

I remember reading Rich's columns in Beckett magazine for years and look forward seeing his take again on CardInformant. Rich's first article with CardInformant provides some background information on his experience and passion for the hobby.

Congrats to Rich and Jeff on the new agreement. I met Jeff from CardInformant at the 2009 National Sports Collectors Convention and recently became friends with Rich on Facebook. I think they are great people and true hobby enthusiast.

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OhioCollectibles said...

Actually, you met me at Nationals. Jeff was unable to make it up from Arizona. It was great to meet you. ~OC