Monday, September 14, 2009

Lenny Dykstra Selling His 1986 Mets Ring

Lenny's knack for buying and selling stocks crashed into a wall harder than he ever did. Dykstra, who recently filed for bankruptcy is now selling his 1986 World Series Championship ring!

Thanks to Cardboard Connection for the story, link and image.

The description of the auction estimates the ring worth between $20,000 and $30,000. It seems a bit high to me, but considering the Mets aren't that close to bringing home another one . . . As of this Monday afternoon, the bid is close to $10,000.

You have until October 2, 2009 to place your bids. If only I hadn't bought that Wally Backman bat. . .


Anonymous said...

According to an story, Dykstra pawned the ring and some other memorabilia. The items are being auctioned because they went unclaimed.

It's a sad footnote to a sadder story, but hopefully the ring and other items will find homes with fans who have more disposable income than I do.

Paul P said...

I hope that a Mets fan buys it and gives it back to him.

James said...

@PRS - It seems he sold it for money and they gave him X days to pay back the loan + interest, or he loses them. Sound right?

@Paul P - I'd hope it would go to a Mets fan too. But instead of giving it to him where he'll turn around and sell it again, I'd rather the Mets fan give Dykstra the chance to buy it back when he has his books in line.

I still believe Dykstra changed the momentum of the '86 series with his HR off Oil Can in Game 3.