Thursday, September 3, 2009

Autograph of a Convict - The Koos is Going to the Pokey

Outside of my Pete Rose and '86 Mets collection, I didn't think I had any cards or autographs of former inmates.

However, tonight I learned that I now have an autograph from a convict. Former Mets pitcher and 1969 World Series Champion, Jerry Koosman is going to jail. Koosman was sentenced to six months in prison for not paying federal taxes.

I saw Jerry Koosman at the 1969 Mets reunion night at $iti Field and the MAB autograph show last month.

Will my snot ball autograph go up in value?


Anonymous said...

Was it truly tax evasion? Or is he among the Americans who believes the government is misusing our money?

Stand strong, Koosman. You are a patriot.

James said...

Yeah - Stick it to the man! :)

Anonymous said...

At least he wasn't locked up for the 40th anniversary celebration. :)

Motherscratcher said...

Do you have a Sammy Stewart card?