Friday, September 25, 2009

Twitter #FollowFriday Sports Card Blogs

If you're on twitter, you are probably familiar with the #FollowFriday Twitter trend. If you're not familiar with #FollowFriday, it's basically a way to recommend people on twitter using the hashtag #FollowFriday.

Twitter users started the trend in January and it's been running every Friday since then. It's easy, you can recommend as many as you want, and it builds good karma!

It's a great to way to alert the people who follow you of other twitter users you enjoy following and reading.

How do you do it?
Log in to twitter and send a tweet like this:
#FollowFriday Sports Cards @VOTC, @Wax_Heaven, @FCBsportscards, @SCUncensored, @UpperDeckSports, @beckettmedia, @blowoutcards

No Twitter No Problem
You don't have to be a twitter user to follow the conversation and see what these accounts tweet about. You can go to and search for any of these users. Click on their name once you find them to bring up their twitter page. For example, mine is In the bottom right corner you'll see "RSS feed of JamesRyanJ's tweets." You can subscribe to mine, or anyone's twitter feed by adding the link to RSS reader and begin following the conversation.

Tip: Subscribing to their tweets using RSS is helpful if you want to see what they tweet without the person knowing you are following them. Remember, twitter and social media is extremely transparent, so anyone can follow, read the tweets and see what's out there.

I'll try to get do a #FollowFriday each week for sports cards. Post a comment or send me an email if you'd like your twitter feed and link to your blog to be included next week.

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