Monday, June 28, 2010

Fill Your Satchel - Your National Sports Collectors Convention Checklist

It's not a purse, it's a satchel!

If you're going to the 2010 National in Baltimore, you need to bring some important items with you. Here's a list of items to throw in your purse, Eurpoean Carry All, backpack.
- Your list of hard to find cards. The National is the place to find them.
- Team card checklists.
- Cards you'd like to get signed if you see someone walking around. You never know who you'll find at the National.
- An extra Official MLB baseball
- eBay pricing (know the price of your wish list before you go)
- Mini helmet of your football team
- Bottle of water
- Meal/granola bars (Food is always terrible at the convention centers and I've chewed on bouillon cubes that taste better than some of the foods they serve at these.)
- Pens and sharpies
- Hand sanitizer (apply, apply, apply)
- Digital Camera
- Phone/Mobile Device to follow twitter updates
- Cards you'd like to trade

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