Friday, June 18, 2010

Wally Backman's Brooklyn Debut

Wally Backman returns to the managerial bench tonight with a major league affiliated club. The Brooklyn Cyclones (Backman's new team) take on the Staten Island Yankees.

I'm a big fan of Wally Backman. I think everyone needs another chance and Backman's passion for the game is rarely matched. I have a game-used bat from Wally and the ticket stub from his first game in a Mets uniform. 

The Wall Street Journal has a great article today about Backman's return.

Of course there is this ejection too (warning... language is not suitable for little ears).

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Anonymous said...

I hope that Wally Backman can take advantage of his opportunity. I won't make it over to Staten Island tonight, but I was thinking of going Sunday to see Wally & the Cyclones.