Monday, June 7, 2010

Outrage Over Emmitt Smith Autograph Prices Builds

I've said here numerous times that I will not pay Emmitt's outrageous price demands for his autograph, but the emotions are now moving to the Hall of Fame blog.

Emmitt's individual prices on a full size helmet go for: $299 plus $189 for an inscription. The Hall of Fame is also selling a $500 super ticket that gets you an autograph of everyone going into the HOF this year. However, that $500 will only get you an autograph on a flat item for Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith.

I'm a huge Dallas fan and Emmitt was one of my favorites, but I won't pay this amount.

Maybe he would sign this transcript though:


Anonymous said...

I can't see spending that much for an autograph, either.

One thing to keep in mind though - most modern star athletes retire as multi-millionaires. It's going to take a lot of cash to motivate them to show up for autograph signings.

I think I'd rather see the promoters turn down the athletes if the price isn't right, but we both know that they'll keep asking as long as there are folks willing to pay.

James said...

I wish the promoters would turn them down. Emmitt doesn't have a fan friendly reputation - I'm not sure he'll ever come back to reality.