Friday, June 11, 2010

Spuds McKenzie Night at Veterans Stadium

In 1987 I was a Logan Township Little League All-Star. Being selected an all-star provided a huge opportunity - the chance to meet Spuds McKenzie.

The meeting with Spuds was more of an accident than anything else. On 9/16/87, the all-stars from our little league were able to go on the turf of Veterans Stadium to take infield. It was a great! Sure, the Vet wasn't the best park, but at 12 years old, it was the only one I had ever been to and certainly the only field I had ever been on. We even had our names and faces put on the giant "Phanavision" screen.

But while we were waiting to take the field, behind the outfield walls, a Limo pulled up next to us, the window rolled down, and Spuds McKenzie stuck his head out! It was awesome. I put out my hand and the trainer the smacked it with Spuds' paw. A high paw from Spuds McKenzie!

The program scanned here is from that game. It was the Phillies vs. Cubs. Don Carman against Andre Dawson!

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