Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mets Autograph Found - Wally Whitehurst

I always keep baseball programs from the games I attend. I had been missing a ton and fortunately, I found some at my parent's house this weekend.

This program is from a Tidewater Tides vs. Toledo Mud Hens game in 1988. The cover has a Wally Whitehurst autograph that I collected after the game in Ned Skeldon Stadium. Wally spent parts of four seasons with the Mets.

The roster is the best part of this program. The Tides were managed by Mike Cubbage and had a roster of few major league players that included:
- Jeff Innis (p)
- David West (p)
- Wally Whitehurst (p)
- Mark Carreon (of)

The Mud Hens were lead by outfielders George Vukovich and Billy Beane!

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