Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cards Sent to Beckett Grading Services

This weekend I sent a couple of cards in for grading. I found both of these in really good shape at the CSA Show in mid-March.

I sent Beckett a 1955 Bowman (large) football card of Tom Landry and a 1976 (rookie) card of Randy White. I think they should both grade pretty high, but we'll see.

I think Beckett's grading policy a little better than the others. I think they have good turnaround times, I like the 1/2 point grading, and I like having the penny sleeve inside of the case.

I like getting cards graded not because I think it increases their value or I think they look mint, but I want to be able to handle them. I want to be able to hand the card to a friend and not worry about dropping it or damaging the corners.

Beckett's web site has a promo code to use in March. Take advanatage of it if you can.


Troy said...

Let's discuss sending cards through the reliable United States Postal System. I have yet to have anything graded because I know the minute I do, I will send it to beckett and it will get lost and I will be out one of my most prized possesions! Any advice?

JRJ said...

I've done it a few times. I really like it. I send mine via FedEx with insurance. Beckett also sends it back using FedEx with insurance. Last year I had an issue where they delivered it to the wrong address, but Beckett Customer Service was great on getting it tracked down and sent back to me.

Troy said...

And to follow up for all of us who have never done this before...
What is the cost per card to have graded? And what is the average for shipping, handling, and insurance?