Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Adam PacMan Jones Suspension - Who's to Blame?

Adam Jones was suspended (again) by the NFL this afternoon for the fight he had with his bodyguard last week. Those on the scene of the altercation say Jones had been drinking which is a violation of his parole with the NFL, although police did not give him a breathalizer test and charges were not filed.

Who's to blame for Jones' suspension just 6 games into his first season with Dallas? Obviously he shouldn't have been reinstated if he can't stay clean before the half-way point of the NFL season. But who should get more of the blame?

  • Do you blame Jerry Jones for trading for him and taking a chance on him? This wasn't a good move for the team.
  • Do you blame NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for allowing him back into the league? Jones wasn't ready to return to work if he can't stay away from bottle just 6 weeks into his reinstatement.
  • Do you blame the NFLPA for not doing more to help Jones? Should the NFLPA have done more to help Adam, make sure he's not chemically dependent on alcohol and provide him with all the help he needs?
  • Or is Adam Jones the one person to blame for his situation? Does it matter if Jones becomes diagnosed as an alcoholic? If that's a disease that he can't control, is he still to blame?


Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious that Jerry Jones is to blame, but not for signing him, but not signing enough bodyguards. It is pretty clear to me that he should have put more restrictions on Adam Jones, such as instituting a 5 PM curfew, more bodyguards, a tracking device on his left ankle, a GPS device implanted into his brain, oh yea and all his doors and windows in the hotel that he's staying at replaced by iron bars. He obviously didn't do enough to prevent him from getting into more trouble.

Anonymous said...

PacMan is to blame, period.

JRJ said...

Beckett Blog - Good to see you guys here. Haven't heard from you in a while.

Thursday morning reports in Dallas say Pacman is in an alcohol treatment facility in TX. If he's an alcoholic and trying to get help, should it change the terms of his suspension? If he's trying to get help, should the NFL suspend him over an incident that didn't harm anyone?

Personally, I don't think he should have been reinstated in the first place.

Anonymous said...