Thursday, October 9, 2008

Two Things You Can't Have Enough Of

You can't have enough t-shirts and plastic cups!

OK, obviously there are more than these two things, but these are definitely two of them. Why can't you have enough t-shirts and plastic cups? Each t-shirt and plastic cup captures a moment in your life and tells a story.

(Guys - use this excuse when your wife or girlfriend or both complain about the plastic cups in the cabinet and t-shirts in the closet.)

I wear t-shirts all year and most of my t-shirts tell some kind of story. They are stories are about where I picked up the shirts and what they meant at the time. For example, I have a Pac-Bell Park t-shirt that I bought in August 2001 during the Barry Bonds home run race. I went to games there on a Tuesday and Thursday and Bonds homered on the Monday and Wednesday (of course). Willie Mays was on the field on Thursday and it was great to see a legend like him in person and on the baseball field. The t-shirt reminds me of that trip, before baseball was intoxicated in PEDs, and before our country changed a few weeks later.

Yes the souvenir cups cost more at the game, but those things last forever! I use a Cincinnati Reds souvenir cup that I bought (full of diet coke at the time) with Ken Griffey Jr on it. In 2000, I bought it at the Cincinnati Reds opening day game. It was Griffey's first game in a Reds uniform and it was a rare Cincinnati home opener that was called for rain. The Reds tied the Brewers that wet afternoon 3-3. Junior was hitless in two at bats.

Keep your dignity and don't throw out those old cups and worn t-shirts! Keep them and bore someone with the story of when you bought them!


Brian said...

My 'prize' cup was from the 2006 NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavs. I drank from it daily, and it was the only cup I would use when watching sports. Sadly, my wife used it one day to give a stray cat some water and I haven't touched it since!! :(

JRJ said...

Brian - I know how you feel. I've lost a couple that way too. She says it was thrown out because the cup was so faded by the dishwasher that you couldn't read it. I say it was thrown out because of jealousy! (I'm not sure what she was jealous of, but that's the best reason I could think of.)