Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Shea Stadium Brick Order

I didn't get the foul poles, a dugout, or any of the endorsement signs from the Shea Stadium Demolition Sale. Instead I opted for a brick.

Today I ordered a Shea Stadium brick from the outfield walls.

The brick wall has been there since the stadium was built but the walls were covered most of the time by the blue padding.

They say it'll take 2-4 weeks until I receive it. I was hoping for some stadium seat backs or something that I could get signed. But I think this brick will be fine. It gives me something to throw at the TV when the Mets choke in 2009 and give all the executives some contract extensions!


Anonymous said...

lol nice, how much was that brick?

JRJ said...

The brick I bought (not the bad photoshop job I did on the one in the picture) can be bought from meigray for $50 or $100 depending on where it's located in the park.