Monday, October 27, 2008

Which Lame Duck Will Jim Mora Jr. Replace?

Mora has already been tapped to replace the retiring Mike Holmgren after this season, but now the Univ. of Washington job will have an opening after the season. Ty Willingham announced that he will step down when the Huskies finish their last game.

Remember, Mora put his foot in his mouth a few years ago by when he was a head coach at Atlanta by saying that he'd love to go back to Washington.

Where would Jim Mora Jr. have a better chance at winning?
  • In Seattle, he's going to inherit an old team. Hasselback's best days are behind him, there isn't a number one receiver, and the running backs seem to be a group of cast-offs from other teams. But in today's NFL, you have a pretty good chance to turn things around from one year to the next.

  • It would be a home-coming if he went back to Washington. Mora played defensive back, was with the team for two Rose Bowl appearances, and began his coaching career at Washington. Jim Mora Sr. was also a coach for the University of Washington before moving to the pro ranks.

If I'm Jim Mora Jr., I'd go to the University of Washington. He'd get a long-term contract, he knows the area for recruiting, and he gets a shot at the Rose Bowl every year.

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dayf said...

I thinks he should take over for Ted Stevens as Senator of the great state of Alaska.