Thursday, October 30, 2008

Phillies World Series Memorabilia

My advice to Phillies Phans - save the memories by getting today's paper!

Collecting the day's newspaper from the home city is the perfect way to remember the moment. You can get them signed our just mounted for wall hanging. Keep them out of the sunlight - newspapers fade extremely fast.

Here's a link to ordering Phillies World Series Newspapers.


mike said...

Did you hear about the post office 2008 phillies world series cachet envelope. they mispelled philadelphia, so they had to pull it of the market. but you can get one on ebay!!! cool , check it out!

mike said...

checkout the 2008 world series cachets on ebay. post office pulled them of the market because of miprint.

JRJ said...

That's great... another stand-up job by the US Postal Service.