Friday, October 10, 2008

Have a Date with the 1986 Mets

MAB Celebrity Services is hosting a VIP Cocktail Dinner with the 1986 Mets. For $299 per person, you can have two Mets from the 1986 team seated at your dinner table. You get food, drink, a giftbag and the chance to bid on 25 items on auction.

With my luck, I'd get Rick Anderson and Dave Magadan at my table. I'm sure they're both very nice people... but when I think of '86 Mets, I don't think of Anderson and Magadan. Dave Magadan used to drive me nuts when I was a kid. All I heard Steve Zabriskie say on WWOR was "Magadan has hit .300 or better at every minor league level." He had a good year in 1990, but never seemed to live up to the hype. Now's he's the hitting coach for the Boston Red Sox.
Personally, I'd like to find that worm hole, go back in time 22 years, and play texas hold 'em poker with Roger McDowell, Doc Gooden, Wally Backman, and Darryl Strawberry! Now that's a poker table!

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