Monday, October 13, 2008

Billy Mays - As Seen on TV - Autograph Success

  • UPDATE: RIP Billy Mays. Sad to see him go.

    Yes, those are autographs from the Billy Mays that sells everything at 2am from "Mighty Putty" to "Orange Glow." No one sells products (and does the hand gestures) like Billy Mays does!

I've been a fan of Billy Mays for a while and then I read this article in the Washington Post last month.

I like Billy Mays because he's someone who rose to the top of his profession (yes, selling this stuff is a profession) by starting at the bottom. The founder of Orange Glow met him at a home show in Pittsburgh and that started the Billy Mays double-the-offer path to success.

After the Washington Post article, I sent Billy Mays the baseball (see picture) and a letter on Sept. 4, 2008. I put the baseball and the letter in a box and included the return postage. A month later, I wasn't sure if I had the right address in Florida and I lost hope that I'd see the baseball or the autograph photo I requested.

On Friday, October 10, I received the box from Billy Mays with the baseball and autographed photo. I requested that he sign the photo to Todd, a coworker of mine who still believes the Sham-Wow guy is better. Please!

Here's the long list Billy Mays products:
  • Aquapel Awesome Auger, Ground Aug, Weed Auger, and Power Extender gardening tools
  • Bedazzler
  • Big City Slider Station
  • Black Swan Furniture
  • Bloomin' Onion Maker
  • Buddy Putty
  • Calcium Lime Rust
  • Currie Motors Chrysler Credit Hotline
  • Cutco Kitchenware
  • Ding King automotive dent remover
  • Easy Off Bam!
  • Energize energy supplement
  • EngraveIt
  • FixIt car scratch remover
  • FoneFree wireless cellphone headset
  • Foodsaver
  • FreeFone wireless phone holder
  • Gopher reach extending tool
  • Handy Switch
  • Hercules Hook wall hangers
  • iCan Benefit Group, LLC
  • Kaboom
  • Lint-B-Gone lint brush
  • Liquid Diamond car waxing product
  • Mantis Roto-Tiller
  • Micro-Men Duster
  • Mighty Mend It
  • Mighty Putty
  • Never-Scrub tile cleaner
  • Orange Clean, Orange Glo
  • OxiClean
  • Quik Strip wire stripping tool
  • Ragazzi's Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria
  • Samurai Shark knife sharpener
  • Sandstrom OnTV
  • Sealtite Tire Sealant
  • Simoniz Fix It Scratch Remover
  • Slider Station Burger Maker
  • Steam Buddy
  • Street Options Auto Accessories
  • Swiffer SweeperVac
  • Tommy and Rumble
  • Turbo Tiger vacuum cleaner
  • Vidalia Chop-it
  • Vidalia Slice-it
  • Vidalia Slice Wizard
  • Zorbeez absorbent towels


Wax Heaven said...

Wow, that's awesome but a little strange...

JRJ said...

Strange?! It's Billy Mays! I thought the box and letter from him would at least come with a coupon for Mighty Putty or something. :)

Seriously, I know it's not sports related, but it's an interesting story and it gave me some TTM autograph success.

Laurabe said...

Billy Mays is the man! I have wanted to get an autographed photo for my brother as a surprise...we are both fans. Could you tell me how to do it?

JRJ said...

Laurabe - Definitely. Send me an email (from my profile on the blog) and I'll share my info.

The key is sending the return postage and a box or envelope for him to send.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I need to get the mailing address. I'll check back to see if you respond.

Anonymous said...

I guess I should leave some contact info from my earlier post, as that would be helpful. You can contact me at the following temporary email address: .


JRJ said...

I just sent you an email to the address you provided. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! I have GOT to have an autographed pic!!!! PLEASE send me the contact info!!! That would make my life complete!

JRJ said...

SIxelaLex04 - No problem. Just click on my profile page and send me an email. Billy Mays is way better than the ShamWow guy! :)

gargamel said...

tell me how in 3 easy steps! I have to get in on some Billy Mays autograph action, I was just talking about this today! send any info to

Eileen said...

Can you email me his contact information? I can't find anything in search engines and my browser crashes every time I click on your email, thanks so much! Billy aMAYSing! Hah! I really want to get an autographed picture for my boyfriend's birthday, hopefully a month is enough time.

Anonymous said...

heyyyy . can someone send me the contact info tooo??

coolmom said...

My son would think I'm the coolest mom in the world if I could get Billy Mays' autograph for him!
P L E A S E can you help me too??

Anonymous said...

My son would think I'm the coolest mom in the world if I could get Billy Mays' autograph for him!
P L E A S E can you help me too??

Anonymous said...

I'd owe you like 329 Zorbeez if you could give me the address! I need a Billy Mays autograph! Talk about shock absorbency!

jessiepooh said...

My Boyfriend LOVES Billy Mays and an autographed picture would be the perfect gift! I would appreciate it sooo much if you could give me the information. Thank you TONS

Anonymous said...

Can I please get the address for Billy Mays? THANKS SO MUCH!

McGillivray Family of Groton, MA said...

The only thing my daughter wants for her birthday is an autograph picture of Billy Mays! Please help!!

McGillivray Family of Groton, MA said...

The only thing my daughter wants for her birthday is an autographed picture of Billy Mays. Please help!

Anonymous said...

my sis and I always would watch infomarshals instead of TV! He was our fav pitchmen!! Rip Billy, We Will Miss You!

Logan Hoselton said...

R.I.P Billy Mays, we will never forget you!

Anonymous said...

I'm saddened to hear of the death of Mr. Mays. While I didn't care for the type of commercials he produced, I couldn't help liking the man and am sorry that he has passed away at such a young age. He should have been pitching Oxy-something into his 90's. May you rest in peace, Billy Mays.