Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Jim Thome Finally Has His Hall of Fame Moment

Jim Thome's 7th inning home run in Tuesday's one-game playoff should be the hit that takes him to Cooperstown.

Thome's home run numbers are amazing. Only 13 other players have hit more home runs than him. He's was a key player in the Indians' 1990s playoff teams and with one swing he put the Chicago White Sox into the playoffs on Tuesday.

Thome has never been indicated in any PED/Steroid discussion, never been accused of being a bad teammate, and has always seem to play with such an enthusiasm for the game.

I think Jim Thome needed to capture a moment to push his HOF credentials over the top, and yesterday he delivered.


Brian said...

I am still on the fence with Thome. If this was in the World Series it would help his chances, but if Chicago does not advance in the playoffs this moment will be forgotten by November 1st. The best thing he could do is reach 600 HR's. Then I would agree that he is bound for Cooperstown!

White Sox Cards said...

I think this will help his cause. If the White Sox win the World Series this year, that hit will get him into the Hall of Fame.

If he can stick around for 600 home runs, that would increase his chances.

JRJ said...

Hey guys - you are both probably right about the 600 hr mark needing to be reached for him.

I've always liked Thome because he just plays the game right and doesn't make too much noise. You don't read about him on page 6 - he just shows up and mashes. I think he's been under-rated during his career (if that's possible after 500+ hrs).