Monday, December 1, 2008

1986 Mets Game Six Project - My Holy Grail

Finished! Well, at least good enough for me.

This 1986 World Series Game 6 Moment is my Holy Grail. Sure, there are greater moments in sports history, but for me, this is it. I talked about chasing your sports card/memorabilia Holy Grail last week and had some great responses.

The autographs on my 1986 Game Six Moment include:
- Mookie Wilson
- Bill Buckner
- Bob Stanley - Relief Pitcher
- Bill Robinson - First Base Coach
- Dale Ford - Home plate Umpire

It's my Holy Grail because of the chase to get some of those autographs and because of the moment it captures - it was a big part of my childhood. Living in southern New Jersey at the time, I became a Mets fan in 1984 - I hold Doc Gooden and several friends from Logan Elementary School responsible! By the time the '86 season came, I knew the starting rotation, starters, subs, relief pitchers, coaches, checked the box scores daily, and I had my favorite WWOR TV announcers. Even at that age I didn't like Tim McCarver!

I can still remember waking up everyone in our townhouse that magical Game 6 night by jumping on the couch and screaming as Mookie Wilson ran to first and Ray Knight floated down the third base line. It's hard to describe, but if you've had one of those defining moments, then you know what I'm talking about.

The first autograph on my Game Six Moment photo was Bill Robinson. I was lucky to get his autograph just two months before he passed away. The next autograph was Dale Ford. Earlier this year I talked about my TTM success with Dale. Bob Stanley was next. He was very nice and laughed when I asked him to sign. He hadn't seen many of these pictures with Dale Ford's autograph.

Finally, this November I got Mookie Wilson and Bill Buckner to sign this 16x20 photo of the moment of the 1986 World Series. Mookie was great. He looked at the other autographs and said, "Yeah, this is how you do it." Bill Buckner didn't say much. He also signed a baseball for me, but he really didn't say anything about signing my Game 6 Moment photograph. (More on Buckner later this week, but I think he deserves more credit than he's given.)

Sure I could get Rich Gedman's autograph if I wanted to head up to New England, but that's a long trip from central Ohio for a Rich Gedman signature.

So now what? Do I start another project? I have a few helmets where I'm trying to get certain teams to sign, but I'm pretty sure those will never be finished. I think I have to start some kind of new project - isn't that why we're collectors? Or does that make us addicts?


Brian said...

That's one helluva item and one helluva story to match!! This moment happens to be my first World Series memory - only I was not sharing the same emotion you were...

zman40 said...

That's cool. I was expecting Bill and Mookie. Seeing all of the other signatures really defines "The Moment".

deal said...

good stuff. I don't think I could chase down all those auto's

Good luck w/ your next project - There is always something for a collector to chase.

JRJ said...

Thank you for the kinds words.
Chasing those autos are part of the fun for me. I wish I could get the Rich Gedman one - my only hope is if he ends up coaching a minor league team that comes through town.

Anonymous said...

You Have to get Gedman' signature on this piece. Anything less would be uncivilazed.