Monday, March 16, 2009

Catcher's Autograph Show: Bench, Piazza, Fisk and More!

MAB Celebrity Services announced this week their November autograph show will be a catcher's themed show.

I really enjoy the MAB themed show (of course they have a lot of Mets at their shows), but they do a great job of getting some of the hard to find guests. Earlier this year they had Hideki Irabu at a Yankees show. How do you spell "fat toad" in Japanese???

Not only could this show have great guests, but you could really get some cool items signed. You could get autographs on a catcher's mask, chest protector, or shin guard! Now that could look pretty cool framed and hanging on a wall.

MAB will probably start off with an initial guest list of 4-5 to get the attention of everyone and the rest will start to pour in around September. You can get updates if you have a account or check the MAB web site.

My wish list is: Mike Piazza, Johnny Bench, Carlton Fisk, Jerry Grote, Bob Boone, Todd Hundley, Gary Carter, and Mike Scioscia.

Who would you want to see there?


'30-Year Old Cardboard said...

That's a cool theme for a show. Like you, I too thought a signed chest protector would be the way to go...

JRJ said...

I was at an MAB show last year or so and someone was doing the shin-guard autograph. It looked pretty cool. Each section was getting signed by Pudge Rodriguez, Yogi, and Piazza.