Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Roy Williams Autographs

In the wake of the TO news last week, Dallas also cut ties with one of their most popular players in the last 10 years. Roy Williams was cut by the Cowboys.

Roy bridged the gap of stars between Emmitt Smith and Tony Romo/Marion Barber. He was a hard hitting strong safety, who according to Bill Parcells was "one biscuit short of being a LB."

I liked Roy Williams because he wanted to be a Cowboy prior to be drafted from OU and was eager to learn from Darren Woodson - the teams' all-time leading tackler and current safety when Williams was drafted.

His Cowboys career started strong. He started every game his first five seasons, caused turnovers, played on 5 pro-bowl teams, and seemed to always be around the football. Then in 2007 he started missing snaps because of his poor coverage techniques and in 2008 he missed 14 games with a broken forearm.

Some have speculated that the Williams situation went south after signing a contract extension.

I'm sorry to see Roy go, but I'm hopeful Dallas can find a new SS in this year's draft. Roy - Thanks for the memories and good luck in the free agent market.

Here I've pictured my Roy Williams Cowboys jersey, an autographed mini helmet, and an autographed Oklahoma helmet. The autographs were obtained in person at the Super Bowl XLII Fan Fest.

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