Thursday, March 26, 2009

Meeting Norm Van Lier - Guest Blog Entry

The following blog entry is from Jamie Shields. These are his reflections from meeting Norm Van Lier - one of the all time great Chicago Bulls. Van Lier died on Feb. 26, 2009 at 61.

"Van Lier is remembered as one of the all time greats to wear a Chicago Bulls uniform. He was well known as a fiery competitor who set a standard for defense and toughness. My first and only opportunity to meet Van Lier was during a Chicago Sun Times Collectors Convention in November 2007.

Within moments of meeting him he impressed upon me an overwhelming positive attitude and a willingness to chat about anything Bulls. Van Lier attempted to pass a little of his positive outlook onto each collector by including a smiley face to the end of his signature. He will be truly missed."

If you've had an encounter with a player who has moved on to the Field of Dreams and want to share your thoughts, please post a comment here or email your story to me. I'll post it on the blog, just like this one from Jamie Shields.

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