Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Johnny Evers Interview Coming Soon?

I'm hoping to have a little interview with Johnny Evers, the great, great nephew of Cubs Hall of Famer Johnny Evers.

Last year I wrote a guest blogger article on Beckett about the 100 year anniversary of the Fred Merkle boner play. That play helped the Cubs get to the World Series and eventually win it. Johnny Evers played a huge role in that game.

Since that article, I've talked to Johnny Evers via email a couple of times about the baseball from that game.

I sent Johnny Evers an email last week with some questions about the baseball, cards, and Johnny Evers. I'm hoping to get some answers soon so I can post it here as a Q&A.

What a great way to start the baseball season!

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deal said...

great interview subject. looking forward to it.