Thursday, March 5, 2009

T.O. Don't the let the Valley Ranch Door Hit You on the Way Out

I've been Cowboys fan since the first grade because of family and I've hated the TO signing since day 1. George Teague is a better Dallas Cowboy because of his "get the f--- off my star" shove.

Michael Smith brought more happiness to me last night on ESPN than a grown man should.

Owens cut! Nuf ced.

My wish list for a replacement is:
1. Marvin Harrison
2. Marvin Harrison
3. Marvin Harrison

If you learned anything during the signing of TO, you knew that Jerry doesn't make one move until he has another ready. He cut Keyshawn, but not until he had TO basically locked up. Jerry's next move is coming out soon... I'm just hoping it's Marvin!


deal said...

I am not sure Marvin doesn't come with his own baggage.

Either way I would still much rather have Harrison then TO.

Has TO won a playoff game in the last 10 years.

LaLoosh said...

Marvin Harrison? Doesn't he shoot people or hand out his arsenal so others can shoot people while getting their car washed?