Monday, March 2, 2009

Mike Ditka Autograph Quest

The Chicago Sun Times March show has changed the autograph signing time for Mike Ditka to Sunday, March 22. Da Coach was scheduled for Friday and that meant there was no way for me to get him. Now this new autograph time opens the door to that possibility!

My plan is to make Chicago a day-trip.

I've been trying to catch Ditka at autograph show to get Iron Mike to sign my Super Bowl VI Dallas Cowboys helmet. In 1971, Ditka was a tight end for the Cowboys and caught a touchdown in their Super Bowl VI 24-3 win over the Miami Dolphins. He finished tied for the most receiving yards in the game for Dallas.

Mike Ditka played with Dallas for four seasons before moving into Tom Landry's coaching staff. Ditka was a coach on Landry's Super Bowl XII team that beat Denver.

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zman40 said...

Sounds like fun. Good luck!