Friday, December 14, 2007

Best Autograph List

Autograph Magazine just came out with their best/worst celebrity autograph list. I'm not a celebrity autograph person, although I did get my picture taken with Helen Thomas and sat on a plane next to Jennifer Garner (before Ben). Wow - isn't that like comparing apples to oranges!

According to Autograph Magazine, the best person on the list is Johnny Depp because of his attitude and wanting to talk to the fans. Surprisingly Will Ferrell, aka Ron Burgondy, was last.

I think my best sports autographs are Art Donovan and Gary Carter. Arty talked about his days as a '52 Dallas Texans and their only win that season against George Halas' Bears. Gary always yucks it up with the fans!


Troy said...

I've only really gotten one auto and that was from Alan Trammell at a card show when I was like 10. He was great and took a picture with me.
My grandparents attend spring training every year and they say most of the guys are great.

Closest I've ever been to a celeb is seeing Gary Busy on Malibu beach. He didn't look like the approachable type!

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JRJ said...

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